Martin-Yale Intimus 14.95S Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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The Martin-Yale 14.95S industrial shredder from Intimus® is a compact large document shredder with sophisticated feeding method. Feeding via conveyor belt. Dosage paddles pull not only smooth, but crumpled paper in the same way. Optimum cutting performance thanks to rugged, wear-resistant cutting rollers made from high-grade steel and a high-power, thermally protected geared electric motor and stable drive. 440 mm working width; suitable for all standard computer formats.


  • Manual ON/OFF control
  • Auto Stop/Reverse/Restart
  • Sheet steel housing with swivel-out receptacle
  • Safe - has a locking master switch, reverse function, auto-off if waste bin is opened and thermo-sensor motor protection
  • Designed for easy operation with a conveyor belt feed system, 17" wide feed opening, easy to use/understand controls and an automatic anti-jam function
  • Depending on shredder - cutting speed is up to 55-59 ft. per minute
  • Easy to see lights for - "power on", "paper jam" and "bin door open"
  • Two switches for power - one On/Off with locking key and one with Off and Forward or Reverse function
  • Bin full warning with Auto-Stop
  • Bin door on right side - optional left side retro-fit kit available

Sheet Capacity: 140 sheets
Shred Size: 1/4" x 2" chips
Speed: 53 Ft./Min.
Motor: 5 HP.
Throat Size: 17.5 Inches
Bag Capacity: 53 Gallons
Sound Level: 68 db.
Security Level: P3 (DIN 66399)
Shreds CDs/DVDs: No
Shreds Credit Cards: No


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Martin-Yale Intimus 14.95S Cross Cut Paper Shredder
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