Papermate 1250CD Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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This Shredder has been Discontinued - Please see our other available Paper Shredders. The Papermate 1250CD Cross Cut paper shredder comes with a 9 inch Throat. Can shred up to 12 sheets of normal 20-pound paper. This shredder can shred staples, paper clips, credit cards, and CDs. Comes with a 8.5 gallon waste bin with a viewing window to see how full it is getting. The basket can be removed from the bin and the shredder will stop automatically. The 1250CD has a reverse mode to clear jams and a thermal protection from overheating. Comes with wheels for easy mobility. The weight of this paper shredder is 19 pounds. This paper shredder is ideal for home use.


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Papermate 1250CD Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Papermate 1250CD Cross Cut

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Papermate 1250CD Cross Cut Paper Shredder
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