GBC Swingline® 30-60 Gallon Plastic Shredder Bags

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Plastic shredder bags for the GBC Swingline TAA compliant shredders.

Plastic shredder bags neatly capture all paper shreds to help keep your workspace clean. These clear, tough bags match shredders with waste bins from 30to 60 gallons in size, which includes the TAA CHS10-30, TAA CM15-30, TAA CSM11-44, TAA CX30-55, TAA CX25-36, TAA CX22-44, TAA CX40-59, TAA CS50-59, TAA CS39-55, TAA CS25-44, and TAA CS30-36 shredders.


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GBC Swingline® 30-60 Gallon Plastic Shredder Bags
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