Kobra 430 TS Industrial Cross Cut Shredder

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High performance conveyor belt industrial shredder. Designed for large shredding throughput and continuous shredding operations. Convenient conveyor belt for easy feeding of material to shred.

  • Removable Flex Volume sturdy waste container is mounted on casters for light and easy removal and disposal of the shredded material
  • Electric Conveyor Belt for easy material intake
  • Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears
  • 24-hour a day without duty cycle
  • All 430 TS functions are simply activated by touching the function symbols on the operations panel. Touch sensitive switches are fully sealed for resistance to all contamination and easy cleaning
  • Automatic stop for ultimate convenience and safety, the 430TS automatically stops when the waste container is full or when the cabinet door is open
  • Automatic reverse in case of jamming
  • The 430TS integrated electric automatic oiler for maximum cutting and power consumption efficiency
  • Clear and strong see through guards on both sides of the 430 TS feed area gives the operator a complete and safe view of the 430 TS shredding operation area

Sheet Capacity: 100 sheets
Shred Size: 1/4" x 2" chips
Speed: 43 Ft./Min.
Motor: 5 HP.
Throat Size: 17 Inches
Bag Capacity: 100 Gallons
Sound Level: 60 db.
Security Level: P3 (DIN 66399)
Shreds CDs/DVDs: No
Shreds Credit Cards: No


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Kobra 430 TS Industrial Cross Cut Shredder
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