MBM Destroyit 2604CC Strip Cut Shredder

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The Destroyit 2604 cross cut shredder comes with the SPS (Safety Protection System) package. It is electronically controlled and has a transparent safety shield in the feed opening. The Easy Switch control element uses color codes and back-lit symbols to indicate operational status. Has an automatic reverse and power cut-off in case of a paper jam. The power cut-off is also there when the shred bag is full or the cabinet door is open. This shredder has a automatic start and stop. The sheet capacity is 27-30 sheets of standard 20-pound paper but will vary due to variations in paper and power supply. 32-gallon bin capacity.

High quality, hardened steel cutting shafts take staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs. This is a wooden cabinet and is mounted on casters. Has a pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags. Comes with a lifetime warranty of cutting shafts.


Sheet Capacity: 5 sheets
Shred Size: 3/16" x 1-1/2" chips
Speed: 18 Ft./Min.
Motor: 1 HP.
Throat Size: 10.25 Inches
Bag Capacity: 26 Gallons
Sound Level: 68 db.
Security Level: P4 (DIN 66399)
Shreds CDs/DVDs: Yes
Shreds Credit Cards: Yes


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MBM Destroyit 2604CC Strip Cut Shredder
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