MBM Destroyit 4107 Strip Cut Paper Shredder

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This strip cut paper shredder can shred between 105-125 sheets of standard 20-pound paper at once. The Destroyit 4107 comes with a 16" feed opening and a 79-gallon bin capacity. Has an automatic reverse and stop in case of a paper jam. Comes with a safely lock and key, main switch, and emergency stop button. Easy to use control panel with push buttons for forward, stop, and reverse. Optical indicators show operational status. This shredder will shred CDs and hardbound documents. Convenient, centralized oilier for lubrication of the cutting head. Comes with a 10-year warranty of the cutting shafts. Has a high-powered 3-phase motor rated for continuous operation. Contains a thermal switch, which prevents overheating. Large shred compartment with easy access door located in the back of the paper shredder. Pull out bag frame mounted on rollers for easy replacement of full shred bags. Shredder will automatically stop when the shred bag is full or when cabinet door is opened. This shredder is perfect for a office that has a need to shred continuously.


Sheet Capacity: 125 sheets
Shred Size: 1/4" strips
Speed: 60 Ft./Min.
Motor: 10 HP.
Throat Size: 16 Inches
Bag Capacity: 79 Gallons
Sound Level: 74 db.
Security Level: P2 (DIN 66399)
Shreds CDs/DVDs: Yes
Shreds Credit Cards: No


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